STILL ABOVE SNAKES - Twenty Thirteen - Demo​/​EP


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The debut Demo/EP from Vancouver's Still Above Snakes. Fast, heavy, old school Hardcore from former members of Burden, Fratricide, Head First and Death Sentence. Mixed and mastered by Theo Goutzinakis (Gob, By A Thread, Between Earth And Sky).


released August 20, 2013

Recorded by Kyle Richardson. Mixed and mastered by Theo Goutzinakis. Produced by Theo, Kyle and SxAxSx @ Richardson Sound, Surrey, BC. Summer 2013. Year of the Snake.

*On this recording 2013: Jason Kolins-Vocals, Deon Molloy-guitars, Dan Walters-Bass, Stefan Nevatie-guitars & leads, Derek Hill-Drums.



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STILL ABOVE SNAKES Vancouver, British Columbia

Hardcore from Vancouver, BC. For fans of Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All, Madball, Agnostic Front, Strife, Trial, Strain, Undertow etc...

Jason Kolins- Vocals
Deon Molloy- Guitars
Dave Cross- Guitars
Dan Gillis- Bass
Donats Rubenis- Drums
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Track Name: Time Slips
Time will come and time will go
It will reap what it has sewn
It is the future, it is the past.
It will remain, it will outlast
It will hide, it will reveal
It will destroy and it will heal.
We want more, but only have less
At our end it’s all that will be left.
Time. Slips. Slips through our hands (x4)
It brings hope it and brings fear
It brings distance as it draws near
It brings life and it kills,
and it will never stand still
It saw our birth, and will see our death
It will watch us take our final breath
The emptying hourglass, see the signs
We can’t stop, we’re running out of …
Time. Slips. Slips through our hands (x4)
Track Name: One Life To Lose
Everyday it’s all the same
Can’t hide from the problems you face.
Can’t escape them, why pretend?
And your rope is coming to it’s end.
Won’t face the facts, or see the truth
The thing’s you’ve done you can’t undo
In the end only you can choose.
you’ve only got, one life to lose.
Never give up. Take things day to day.
Still alive, it’s not too late for change.
No matter, the things that you do, or say.
It hurts to see . It hurts to see to see you live
Your life this way. So full of pain and strife,
You hurt those that care, and your family,
Everyday it seems like I’m not getting through
but I’m not gonna stop until I’ve got to you
It seems like sometimes you’re not there at all.
and in the end you’re only gonna fall.
(Repeat Verse)
One Life To Lose.
In the end only you can choose,
you’ve only got one life to lose.
Track Name: Intro/SxAxSx
Still… Above… Snakes (x4)
Here I stand. Still screaming after all these years.
That pass like days. I’ve had my share of blood and tears.
Life has knocked me down, but I’ll get back up on my feet.
Never the popular one. Always the black sheep shunned.
I’m still screaming – Until my dying day.
I’m still standing - Still Above Snakes. (x2)
I’ve always been myself. Never tried to be anything else.
So far from perfect, I try and change. Try to better myself and rearrange.
Got so much to live for in this life. To rise above the struggles and the strife. Against the liars and the fakes. Forever standing still above snakes.
I’m still screaming – Until my dying day.
I’m still standing - Still Above Snakes. (x3)
Track Name: Angels & Devils
There's an angel and a devil on all our shoulders and it’s up for us to choose. We've been given our own freewill, to roll the dice in this life win or lose. I've seen a lot through my own eyes. Lives lost to pain, hate and pride. Or drowned in the bottom of a bottle, or caught in addictions web of lies. You can't take back, choices made. We live and learn from our mistakes. One chance to live, and too many ways, to lose it all and throw it away. Life is hard, sometimes full of pain, Do what you can to make a change. In the papers, on the news, it's always the same. Never give up, and keep that PMA. I know that it's not easy, I struggle everyday. To overcome the negative, we have to find a better way. Break free from the chains that hold us. Both physical and mentally.
Track Name: See Through You
I’ve got to get this off my chest. It’s been building up and I detest. Those who have taken the name, of what means so much to me and so many. Who’ve lived it, breathed it, bled it. And I’ll be damned if I let it. Be disgraced by your so called namesake. Never nothing but a fake. We have pride in what you called your own. But what we have, you’ve never known. Never a part of the scene. You can steal the name but not it’s meaning. We can hear you, see you. You don’t know the meaning, no clue. It’s just a word to you. And I see right through you. And I see right through you. Just a postured fashion trend. Scream about nothing, again and again. Just “Bleeding stars from a dying sky”. You’re all the same, using our name in vain. We can hear you, see you. But you don’t know the meaning, no clue. It’s just a word to you. And I, see right through you.